Food Park City Himeji

City of Food, Himeji


Himeji’s recommended gourmet fare and places to eat

Himeji Oden Kaikan
You can try Himeji Oden, which is enjoyed by pouring lashings of ‘ginger soy sauce’.
Ishikura Mineai-no-sato
Enjoy the outdoors, having a barbeque in nature with wonderful views and exploring the countryside.
Yumesaki Yumekobo
Enjoy a bit of farm life, having a meal in the Barbeque Square or eating soba noodles you have prepared yourself in the Soba Dojo.

Network of food regional food organizations in Hyogo

Himeji Oden
The guide introduces people to the local delicacies of Himeji and the deliciousness of Himeji oden, as well as information about the rich food culture of Himeji.